I am Robert Work.

Artist, storyteller, educator, husband and father. This is my site: portfolio, gallery, and resume all wrapped into one. Whether you need to invest in a fine art piece, commission a functional art installment, or hire a professor for your college of arts, you can message me directly.

Purchase Art

Take a look at the galleries and purchase art handmade in the heart of the USA: Fort Collins, Colorado.

Commission Work

Form and function. Order functional art from an expert in metalwork, woodwork, sculpture, illustration, painting, and design.

Hire a Professor

With over 20 years of working experience in a multitude of art forms. Available for classes or 1-on-1 lessons.

Fine Art

Sculpture, painting, illustration, and digital; design/build.

Available pieces are marked for sale within their caption.


From design to build, from sculpture to furniture. You dream it, I'll craft it.

Commissions currently accepted.

Student Work

Browse examples of my students' multimedia projects from CSU and FCC.

Currently available for hire as a professor and/or tutor. Remote lessons available.

About the Artist

My backstory, my inspirations, and my qualifications.

Understand the inspiration behind the art.

Support the Arts

Whether you need to refresh your home with local art, commission a functional art piece like a table or fence, or hire a professor/tutor. Kindly send me a message.