Your Grandfather? He was not the star-spangled clown invented by white man newspaper. Never was he anyone’s “Uncle Sam".

No. My sons, he was Samhain - clad in the buckskin war-shirt. The war-shirt Grandmother Erma sewed for him with red, white, and blue quills.

The coat? It was given to him by Washington the white president. It was Lincoln’s wife insisted he take the hat. The stick you remember? From Teddy Roosevelt himself.

I will again relate the story. It is not only your Grandfather’s story. It is our story.

Sit in patience, my sons, until my storm-within calms that I may speak the chronicle.

Sit attentively, for your uncles are coming. I sense their spirit is much changed. I fear they come to end your Grandmother Erma and me.

Sit listen, one time more, to the Ageless Story of our family.


Pencil Story Outline

This is the outline of the story. It is an alternative history of the US. It is a story about the Ageless Ones who age far slower than normal humans. It is the origin of Uncle Sam’s family and their battle with other Ageless Ones called the Horsemen who have ruled in the shadows for centuries.

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