Each course has one large project per credit. Each project consists of some or more of the following: multiple images, descriptions, graphics, physical models, and animations.

CAD115 - Beginning Sketch-Up

Introducing students to the three-dimensional modeling software Trimble Sketch-up.


Introducing students to fine art drawing in a variety of media.

CAD216 - Advanced Sketch-Up

Introducing students to virtual reality, photorealistic imagery, and advanced 3-D modeling skills.

CAD219 - Beginning 3DSMAX

Introducing students to the three-dimensional modeling software Autodesk 3DSMAX.

CAD220 and 221 - Advanced 3DSMAX character modeling and architectural visualization

Continuing students skill building with 3DSMAX and using Adobe Photoshop and Premiere to create images and animations.

IND112 - Interior Design Graphic Communications

Introducing students to hand drawn plans, elevations, parallel projections, and perspectives, using ink, markers, Photoshop, and Sketch-Up.

IND213 - Portfolio Presentations

Designing digital portfolios with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe In-Design. Introducing web-site development.

IAD166 - Visual Communication Sketching

Introducing students to architectural sketching in pencil, ink, and marker.

IND236 - 3-Dimensional Thinking

Using 3DMAX, Sketch-Up, hand drawing, handmade models for Interior Design.

IND266 - Visual Communication Multimedia Communications

Combining hand-drawing, computer programs, scaled hand made models, and presentations for Interior Design projects.

IDEA310 - Paper Idea Course

Creating hand made paper models for design ideas and concepts.

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IDEA310 - Wood Idea Course

Using a woodshop to build design ideas and concepts

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INTD210 - 2-D Design

Hand drawn design ideas and concepts.

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IND496BV - Caribbean Design Sketching

Travel Sketching course at an Eco-Resort in the Caribbean.

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IAU193 - Design Doodling with Da Vinci

Experimental designs based loosely on investigations of Leonardo Da Vinci sketches and inventions.

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AR135 - Introduction to Drawing

Introducing Art students to a variety of mediums and approached to observational drawing.

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AR136 - Introduction to Figure Drawing

Introducing Art students to drawing the human figure from observation.

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AR235 - Drawing Workshop 2

Exploration and experimentations in hand-drawing.

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IDEA310 - Technical Sketching

Introducing students to the process of hand-drawn design sketching and using 3-Dimensional software to enhance accuracy of concepts.

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IDEA310 - Graphic Noveling

Introducing students to sequential art, graphic novels, and layout.

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Available to Teach

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